How to donate to Our Social Fabric

How to donate to Our Social Fabric

So you’ve got some fabric or sewing supplies that you no longer need and you want to donate them to Our Social Fabric? Well, read on for a step-by-step guide of how to make your donation…

Follow this process each time you want to donate to our non-profit:

Step 1: review your donation

The first step is to take a look at what you wish to donate and double check it against our list of accepted items. 

We are pleased to accept donations of:

  • clean, unused fabric of 0.5 meter length or more (full width please)
  • quilting cottons (fat quarter or larger scraps only please)
  • leather
  • sewing supplies such as trims, sewing tools and notions
  • patterns (uncut only please)
  • functioning sewing machines (but not table sewing machines, where the machine is built into a table, as we just don't have space for them at the moment)
  • knitting and embroidery supplies

Please note, we are unable to accept:

  • clothing, sheets, drapery or towels
  • books
  • sewing machines that are attached to tables
  • furniture and other large items
  • fabric scraps

We can only accept donations that are free of dirt and bugs, without pins or other sharp objects and free of odours (such as mothballs).

You can pack your donation into cardboard boxes or garbage bags that you do not want returned. If you are donating fabric as well as other supplies it is helpful to our team of volunteer sorters if you can keep the fabric separate from the other supplies.

Step 2: fill in our donation form

Next it’s time to head online and complete our donation form. This form lets us know what you have to donate and how you will get it to us. The form is reviewed by our team to make sure we have capacity to receive it and that it meets our donation criteria.

You will get an email from a member of our team (usually within 48 hours) who will confirm next steps and give you a link to book a drop-off appointment. 

Step 3: book your drop-off appointment

Use the link provided by our team to select a day and time to drop off your donation. There are lots of slots available and you can book up to a couple of months in advance.

Step 4: drop-off your donation

When it is time to drop-off your donation, follow the instructions in your appointment confirmation email. We’ll tell you where to park and how to get the items up to our store - don’t worry we can help if you need assistance.

Step 5: congratulate yourself

Give yourself a big high five for keeping usable fabric and fibre arts supplies out of the landfill! Your commitment to sustainability and the conscious choices you make are what make our organization flourish. Thank you!