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Teachers and Students

Teacher and Student Discounts

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount off your total purchase if you are a teacher or student. Discount is only valid in-store and you must show a valid ID at check out. ID must be issued by your school board, college or university and show your student or teacher status. As our cash desks are run by volunteers, if you forget your ID we're sorry but we won't be able to honor the discount. 

Lesson Inspiration

Our Social Fabric works in partnership with teachers to share the inspiration and creativity that can be sought from using deadstock supplies to create something unique and beautiful. We help the next generation of sewists and consumers to understand the impacts of fast fashion and what alternatives there are. 

We are currently building a library of lesson inspiration documents. You can download the first two below:

Lesson One: Visible Mending Techniques. This guide gives teachers ideas on how to demonstrate visible mending techniques and apply the learning to different age groups. We pick two common garments that often become worn and require mending: jeans and knits. We show you how to give your favourite clothing new life through a selection of mending techniques. Download the guide here

Lesson Two: Flower Stamping on Reusable Napkins. In this guide, we show you how to teach flower-stamping to create reusable napkins. Use natural elements to create a unique design which results in a practical and sustainable item for use in the home. Download the guide here