We believe in a future where no useable fabric ends up in Canadian landfills.

Our Social Fabric is a non-profit fabric store selling donated deadstock fabric and fibre arts supplies online and in-person. We keep ‘waste’ fabric out of landfill by getting it into the hands of the fibre arts and slow-fashion community.

Our fabric, notions and supplies are priced at up to 75% less than regular retail prices. We hold weekly in-person sales at our brick and mortar store in Vancouver and 24 hours a day via our website. We ship across Canada. 

We accept donations of clean, unsewn fabric and sewing related materials from the film industry, theatre, manufacturing and individuals. In 2021, we kept over 20 tons of textiles and sewing related materials out of landfill. Over the last five year we have diverted a staggering 85.5 tons!

Established in 2009, our organisation has over a decade of experience and an established team of volunteers and networks to make sure textile donations make their way into the hands of those that can use it.

We believe that fabric waste can not only be avoided, but channelled to create positive change in our community. As a non-profit our pricing structure is designed so that we make just enough to keep our organisation running. Being part of a wider community is important to us so we have built into our business strategy financial and in-kind support for fibre arts related organisations, educational institutions  and other non-profits working in our region. We are passionate about nurturing future talent and vision in sustainability. As such we are currently in our third year of sponsorship for the "Wilson School of Design and Our Social Fabric Zero Waste Design Competition" at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

All our fabrics and sewing related materials are donated to us. We accept donations of clean unsewn fabric and sewing related materials from the film industry, theatre, manufacturing and individuals. 

For more information about our location, open hours and pick up window please visit our Contact Us page. 

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Photo courtesy of Ripple of Change magazine.