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The future of sustainable design

First Place awarded to Zachary Chao for 'The Dangers of Toxic Masculinity'

What do you get when you mix design students, recycled textiles and a passion for the planet? The Upcycled Design Competition!

Our Social Fabric is passionate about nurturing future talent and vision in sustainability. We partnered with The Wilson School of Design for the third year running to host this year’s Design Competition with the theme, “Awareness”.

Eligible participants created a 3-dimensional design using recycled textiles and found objects. The goal was to transform fabric/material waste into an upcycled design that conveyed a message of awareness on a topic that is meaningful and current. 

Entrants inspired us with their interpretations of the theme and the way they utilized our materials. The winners were recently announced and if you'd like to see more of the projects click through to The Wilson School of Design blog post

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