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Getting inspired by a rainbow of leather samplers

When we received a big donation of real Italian leather samplers we got really inspired. Available in a rainbow of colours they are a really approachable way to start working with leather. 

Available as a triangle, each one gives you 300 cm squared of leather. These are 100% real Italian leather with thickness 0.9 to 1.1 mm. 


We're sharing with you some of the projects we've made so far...

Card wallet

Made with just one triangle this project is sewn up with a sewing machine. A simple but really effective pattern that is available for free from Jennie Masterson.

Tassel earrings

A quick make cut from a rectangle of leather. Cut the rectangle into a fringe and roll it up and glue around an eye pin using fabric glue and attach to fish hook earring wires. 

*** Don't forget we have jewelry making supplies and beads in store. ***

Dangle Earrings 

We made this pair using a design available through Cricut Design Space and cut it out using a Cricut machine. However with a little patience these could just as easily be cut out using a metal ruler and a craft knife. 

Tassel Keyring

Our last project was this tassel keyring. Made in the same way as the earrings above but from a larger rectangle. Instead of glueing the tassel around a eye pin we used a strip of leather as a loop and attached it through a key ring chain.


We'd love to hear what you would make with these. Sampler fabrics can be difficult to reuse due to their size but in this case we think the size and affordability of these samples mean there are so many possibilities! Tell us what you think in the comments!




  • Everything looks great! I am impressed.

    LDoreen Marlor
  • Excellent craft to develop in these uncertain times (as in “is Covid still a mask-wearing issue?” Or “can we escape this chilly spring?”
    Those who crafted these items out of leather have found a fun way to beat the mask-wearing uncertainties and this cold month! Nice things to wear!

    Jane camfield
  • Great ideas! One of my favourite leather items is a larger needle case – i.e. for yarn needles etc. These samples look as though they would be a good size for making various sized needle cases.


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