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Learn more about Denim and Twill

Today, let's dive deep into the world of fabric, particularly the ever-popular denim which is itself a type of twill. Right, let’s go…

What is Twill?

First things first, let's demystify twill. Twill is a weaving technique that creates a distinctive diagonal pattern on the fabric surface. You might not have realized it, but chances are you've worn twill fabrics more times than you can count! This versatile weaving method is known for its durability and strength, making it a favorite for casual and workwear alike.

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Types of Twill Fabrics

Twill is available in lots of varieties.

Twill fabrics come in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and purposes. Here are four common twills you are likely to come across:

  1. Denim: Ah, denim, the classic twill fabric we all know and love. Fun fact: denim is actually a type of twill, characterized by its sturdy, diagonal weave and typically made from cotton. It's synonymous with jeans but can also be used for jackets, shirts, and even accessories!
  1. Chino or Drill: If you're after a crisp, clean look, chino twill is your go-to. It's smooth, lightweight, and often used for trousers, shorts, and skirts, offering both comfort and style. You’ll sometimes see this fabric referred to as khaki. 
  1. Gabardine: Looking for something with a bit more heft? Gabardine twill is here for you. Known for its durability and wrinkle-resistance, gabardine is often used in tailored garments like suits and coats, and timeless trench coats, ensuring you look sharp all day long.
  1. Herringbone: Picture a V-shaped pattern resembling the bones of a fish (hence the name), and you've got herringbone twill. It's a sophisticated twist on traditional twill, adding visual interest to garments like blazers and outerwear.

Denim: The Iconic Twill

Now, let's talk about denim. As mentioned earlier, denim is a type of twill fabric, beloved for its rugged charm and timeless appeal. Popularised during the gold rush in 1873, it was favoured for workwear due to its durability. Denim has since become a fashion staple, adorning everything from jeans to jackets, dresses and bags.

So next time you slip into your favorite pair of jeans or rock that denim jacket, remember the rich history behind the twill weave where it all started.

That's it for today's fabric lesson! We hope you've gained a newfound appreciation for the beauty and versatility of twill fabrics. Don't forget to check out our twill collection which is updated regularly.

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