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Fresh new look. Same vision.

Spring is coming and we've freshened up our look! We've updated our logo so that it better reflects who we are and what our ambitions are. But one thing hasn't changed - our vision to eradicate fabric waste from Canadian landfills.

Our fabric and fibre arts supplies are high quality and often one of a kind but always affordable. By buying from us our customers are helping to divert usable fabrics from landfills. 




The story behind our logo

In sewing, a pattern is the template with which the parts of a garment are cut out and assembled. We believe patterns are more than that.

To us they symbolize how unique shapes, colours, and textures can come together to create items that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The combination of a shared vision, energy and creativity defines our community. We value the unique and diverse perspectives of those who share in our appreciation of fabric and regard for the environment. Together we make a difference; a sum greater than our parts.

This is what inspired our name and our brand identity.

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  • Congratulations on your new logo – I love it!

    Louise Perrone

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