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Fabric recycling totals - September 2022

Fabric recycling total for September 22, 1,755 lbs

1,755. That’s the number of pounds of fabric and sewing related materials we kept out of landfill in September 2022. 

Can’t visual 1,755 lbs? It’s about the same as a male bison. That’s a lot of fabric! 😮

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers, customers and cheerleaders who help make this possible. 

We believe that fabric waste can not only be avoided, but channelled to create positive change in our community. As a non-profit we price our fabrics cheaply, as we aim to make just enough to keep our organisation running. Any surplus funds are used to expand our impact or give financial and in-kind support for fibre arts related organisations, educational institutions and other non-profits working in our region. You can find out more about this on our community page. 

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