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Wooly Nylon: a guide

Wooly nylon: a guide

Discover the wonders of Wooly Nylon thread! If you're a sewing enthusiast, this thread is a game-changer for your projects. But what exactly is Wooly Nylon thread?

Wooly Nylon thread boasts a unique textured quality, offering a soft and fluffy feel. If you hold a piece of Wooly Nylon taught it will stretch and when it relaxes you will see the threads 'fluff up'.

Available in a spectrum of colours, it's the go-to choice for sewing stretchy or knit fabrics. Unlike conventional threads, Wooly Nylon has a slight stretch, making it the ultimate companion for garments that need to move seamlessly with the body.

Sewing with Wooly Nylon thread is a breeze! Whether you're using a regular sewing machine or a serger, this thread delivers impeccable results. It's commonly employed in the loopers of a serger, delivering a plush, stretchy finish to fabric edges.

Here are some handy tips for sewing with Wooly Nylon thread on a regular sewing machine:

  1. Opt for the right needle: Ensure smooth sewing by using a needle designed for stretch fabrics. A ballpoint needle works wonders, effortlessly navigating between knit fabric fibers without causing damage.

  2. Tweak the tension: Given its thicker nature, Wooly Nylon thread may require tension adjustments on your sewing machine. Start with a lower tension setting and gradually increase it until you achieve the perfect tension for your project.

The versatility of Wooly Nylon thread knows no bounds! It's tailor-made for projects requiring stretch, such as swimwear, athletic wear, and lingerie. Additionally, it excels in sewing hems on knit fabrics, offering a soft, stretchy finish without any bunching or puckering. Let your creativity soar with decorative stitching on garments or quilts, adding a unique texture to your creations.

Wooly Nylon thread's soft, stretchy texture makes it the go-to choice for projects demanding flexibility, from stretchy fabrics to decorative stitching. Elevate your sewing game with Wooly Nylon thread!

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    Do you sell wooly nylon thread? I am looking for light pink, pink, yellow and natural colour. I would need to purchase and request a Canada Post delivery. Thank you Barb


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