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Wooly Nylon: a guide

Wooly nylon: a guide

If you're a sewing enthusiast, you've probably heard of Wooly Nylon thread. This type of thread is a great addition to your sewing supplies as it can provide a number of benefits to your projects.

What is Wooly Nylon Thread?

Wooly Nylon thread is a type of textured nylon thread that has a soft, fluffy texture. It is available in a range of colours and is commonly used for sewing stretchy or knit fabrics. Unlike traditional thread, Wooly Nylon thread has a little bit of stretch, making it ideal for sewing garments that need to be able to move with the body.

How to Sew with Wooly Nylon Thread

Wooly Nylon thread can be used in both a regular sewing machine and a serger, although it is more commonly used in the loopers of a serger, where it provides a soft, stretchy finish to the edges of the fabric.

Here are some tips for sewing with Wooly Nylon thread in a regular sewing machine:

  1. Use the right needle: When sewing with Wooly Nylon thread, it is important to use a needle that is designed for stretch fabrics. A ballpoint needle is a great choice as it is designed to slide between the fibers of knit fabrics, reducing the risk of the needle damaging the fabric.

  2. Adjust the tension: Wooly Nylon thread is thicker than traditional thread, so you may need to adjust the tension on your sewing machine. Start with a lower tension and gradually increase it until you find the right tension for your project.

Typical Projects for Wooly Nylon Thread

Wooly Nylon thread is perfect for sewing projects that require stretch, such as swimwear, athletic wear, and lingerie. It is also great for sewing hems on knit fabrics as it provides a soft, stretchy finish that won't bunch up or cause the fabric to pucker. Additionally, Wooly Nylon thread can be used for decorative stitching on garments or quilts, providing a unique texture to your projects.

Wooly Nylon thread is a versatile thread. With its soft, stretchy texture, it is perfect for sewing projects that require a little bit of give, such as stretchy fabrics, hems, and decorative stitching.

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