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OSF People - Denise

As a non-profit, Our Social Fabric is run by a passionate team of volunteers. With varied backgrounds, skills and interests they all bring something special to OSF. 

We’re continuing our series, introducing you to some of the people who help make OSF happen. This time it’s one of our board members, Denise. 

✨What is your role with OSF?✨

One part of my role is working with the management team to develop the training procedures and communications to support our volunteer teams. I also assess incoming donations of sewing machines, getting them ready for sale on our online store.


✨What is special about working with OSF?✨

I love working with a dedicated team of people who care about keeping textiles from going to the landfill.


✨Do you have a favourite moment at OSF?✨

I cannot say I have one specific ‘favourite moment’, there really have been so, so many! Mostly, I love when people get excited about a sewing achievement – something they made that they weren’t sure they could do but they did it!


✨What’s the last thing you made?✨

I just completed 100 bicycle bags today! Don’t ask! 


✨What’s your favourite fabric/material to work with?✨

Today? I have started loving waterproof technical fabrics – there are so many possibilities in useful things one can make! The beautiful rain is coming my  friends!  


Do you have any questions about how OSF works? Ask us below!



  • Hello Wendy, Sorry , I didn’t see your request until now; The bags we were making were a fanny style bike bag for a client in my Sewing shop – We are currently starting a second larger bag for the same client! I am not certain about bike bag patterns but when I googled “fanny pack patterns” I found a lot of results on line for printable PDF patterns

  • Is there a pattern for these bicycle bags that Denison mentioned?
    And a picture?

    Wendy. Wulff

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