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OSF People - Jennifer

As a non-profit, Our Social Fabric is run by a passionate team of volunteers. With varied backgrounds, skills and interests they all bring something special to OSF.

We’re continuing our series, introducing you to some of the people who help make OSF happen. This time it’s one of our volunteers, Jennifer.

Jennifer looks into the camera, she is smiling and wearing her yellow Sienna jacket made from upholstery fabric from Our Social Fabric

(1) What is your role with OSF?

I think of myself as one of the worker bees, whatever job needs to be done I do. I sort fabric and roll it, stack and tidy shelves. I’ve packaged loads of buttons, measured elastic, and folded thousands of metres of fabric!

(2) What is special about working with OSF?

Two important things…I love working with textiles and I believe we are doing an important task to recycle fabric and reduce waste. Of course it’s fantastic to be working with other people who also appreciate fabric and the goals of OSF. I love to see how it’s evolved through the different locations, the dedicated volunteers, and the incredible donations.

(3) Do you have a favourite moment at OSF?

Many, but they usually involve helping someone find that obscure item they need for a project. It’s so interesting to see what people will do with our supplies. 

(4) What’s the last thing you made?

Other than mundane repairs, I recently made Closet Core Pattern’s Sienna jacket. Then I made a second one - sleeveless and with a shawl collar. Next up in the queue may be a jean jacket from denim scraps or a cozy hoodie - I’m highly influenced by whatever fabric appears from week to week.

(5) What’s your favourite fabric/material to work with?

I’m attracted to upholstery fabric! You can make bags and cushion covers and I’m a jacket person. I just make sure to choose something that can be machine washed and will behave in the pattern I’ve chosen. I’m also attracted to practical fabric (as much as I love to look at my stash of silk). Oh and linen in the summer :)

Jennifer is looking down at a selection of yarn, sorting it for sale.


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  • I’m an old-school Quliter from surrey, but I’ve been a shopper at OSF for many years. As time goes by , more and more fabric is knit, not woven. Although I have a serger and have taken 2 of your classes pre-pandemic, I still find it daunting to imagine making many things from knits. You obviously have lots of supply of it. Much of it is very appealing but I just don’t see myself using it.
    Do you have people willing to give classes on sewing with knits any more ?
    Or can you suggest some on-line classes ?

    Wendy wulff

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