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How to apply lace hem tape

lace hem tape, lace seam binding

You might have seen packets of pretty lace hem tape (also called lace seam binding) in our store but have you wondered how to use it? Today on the blog, we show you step-by-step how to apply lace hem tape. 

Lace hem tape gives a decorative finish to hems while enclosing the raw edge of the hem. This simple notion is easy to apply (we'll show you how!) and comes in a wide range of colours.

Lace hem tape can be a really useful notion when you are letting down a hem of a ready-to-wear garment when you need to minimize the amount of fabric used for the hem finish. Using lace hem tape means you can hem a garment by turning under only a 1/4" of the main fabric. We'll show you how...

press up hem allowance

(Step 1) We like to start by pressing up the hem allowance. Measure and press the hem allowance to the wrong side of the fabric. 

unfold and overlap the lace

(Step 2) Unfold the hem allowance and with the right side up overlap the hem tape over the raw edge of the fabric by 1/4". 

sew in the groove

(Step 3) With the right side of the fabric still facing up, sew in the 'groove' created by the two lines at the edge of the hem tape.

(Step 4) If you are sewing in the round you can simply overlap the hem tape by 1/2" and cut off the excess. Lace hem tape does not fray so the raw edge does not need to be finished.

fold up hem allowance

sew in the second groove

(Step 5) Flip the hem allowance up so that the hem tape is now inside the garment. With the wrong side facing up, sew the second 'groove' to stitch the hem allowance in place. This line of stitches will be visible from the outside. If you wish to create an invisible finish from the outside you can use a blind hem stitch on your sewing machine or try hand sewing a slip stitch. 

sewing complete

from the right side

That's it! Pick a hem tape that matches the colour of your fabric for a subtle finish or choose a pop of colour with a contrast tape. You'll find these tapes available in-store priced at just 2 for $1!



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