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Why we pre-cut our fabric

We explain why we pre-cut fabric in today's blog post. 

Why we pre-cut fabric

Fabric stores have the option to sell their fabric by the meter and cut it to order or to sell pre-cut lengths of fabric. Much of the fabric donated to us is already cut into smaller pieces or are the ends of bolts. We simply measure and sell that fabric as we receive it. However, occasionally we receive larger bolts of fabrics. We choose to pre-cut this fabric into shorter lengths. Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. Time-saving: Cutting fabric to order takes time and effort. If you are purchasing in-store the shop may be busy and customers would need to wait to be served. It also helps us pick and pack online orders much faster which means you get your fabric sooner. 

  2. Reduced errors: Cutting fabric to order can result in mistakes and errors, which can be frustrating for everyone! Pre-cutting fabric eliminates the risk of cutting errors and ensures that every length of fabric is the correct length and width.

  3. Improved customer service: Pre-cutting lengths of fabric allows us to provide better customer service in-store. Customers can quickly and easily find the fabric they need without having to wait for it to be cut, which can be especially helpful during busy times.

  4. Cost-effective: This the big one! The pre-cut fabric model requires far less staff time which means we can keep our costs low and means our volunteers can spend more time helping customers and sorting donations to prepare product for sale. If we cut fabric to order, our prices would rise dramatically as a result and we would take longer to process donations. 

We recently conducted a survey with our customers to ask them about their preferred lengths for different types of pre-cut fabric. We're going to be using the findings of that survey to prepare fabric for sale in the future. 

In conclusion, pre-cutting lengths of fabric is a more efficient option for our fabric store. It saves time, reduces errors, improves customer service, and can be cost-effective in the long run. 


  • Hi Lois. The prices listed on our website are for a piece of fabric. Widths and lengths of fabric pieces will vary from fabric to fabric.

    The width of the fabric will be stated in the main product listing. The length of the fabric can be selected from the drop down menu.

    You will be able to add multiple pieces of fabric to your basket if we have more than one available.

    We do occasionally offer fabric and notions cut by the metre. The product listing description will clearly state this.

    You can read more about using our fabrics here: https://oursocialfabric.ca/pages/using-our-fabrics

    OSF Team
  • Hi. Just a simple question that you probably have answered some where but I can’t find it. Sooooo….is the price posted for the yardage posted or is that the price per metre?

    Lois harris

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