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What is a cord stop? And how do I use it?

What is a cord stop? And how do I use it?

Today we're discussing everything cord stops!

What is a cord stop?

Cord stops, or cord locks, have a spring action locking mechanism that holds a piece of cord in place. They are ideal for using to tighten drawstrings and cords without having to create a knot, and for keeping drawstrings ends from slipping into their casings.

You will find single hole cord stops and double hole cord stops in our online store. 

Where can I use a cord stop?

There are a multitude of uses for cord stops both indoor and outdoor. 

We like using them for:

  • Keeping a drawstring or laces tightened
  • Creating a bag closure
  • Ruching a waistline or hood

They are often found on camping accessories and sporting equipment. If you are making your own storage bags or making repairs to store bought, a cord stop or two can really finish off your project professionally. 

Cord stops can be useful for small children not yet able to tie laces or drawstrings or if you are experiencing pain or immobility as they can replace fiddly ties.

How to use a cord stop

This video tutorial by Unique shows you how to use a two-hole cord stop:

Inspired to pick up some cord stops for yourself? You'll find plenty in our bag making collection

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