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What are hoodie knits?

We are lucky to regularly receive hoodie knit fabrics from a Vancouver-based manufacturer who sew for a Canadian women's fashion brand. These deadstock knits are top-notch and we are grateful to be able to keep them out of landfill and make them available for you to buy at low prices. 

Today on the blog we're sharing with you what we mean when we say hoodie knit and what they different types look like.

What is a hoodie knit?

A stack of deadstock hoodie knit fabrics

A hoodie knit is a low to no stretch knit fabric. It is usually mid to heavy weight and has a variety of finishes to the wrong side of the fabric (read on for more on this).

They are perfect for sewing hoodies, as the name suggests, but also for sweatshirts, sweatpants and all manner of knit garments!

Fleece back hoodie knit

Fleece back hoodie knit

This hoodie knit has a soft, lofty finish to the wrong side of the fabric. It feels very soft to wear and might be the 'typical' finish you expect to see on the inside of a modern ready to wear hoodie. 

Twill back hoodie knit

Twill back hoodie knit fabric

Twill back hoodie knit is recognisable by the diagonal lines on the wrong side of the fabric. Great for 'lighter' versions of hoodies and sweatpants. 

Loop back hoodie knit

Loop back hoodie knit fabric

Flip over a loop back hoodie knit and you'll see a lot of texture created by loops of yarn. This knit tends to be heavier and have a more traditional look. 


Seen enough and want to buy some for yourself? Check out our current hoodie knit collection for more. 


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