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We crowdsourced your ideas for what to sew!

When faced with a unique donation of a mildew-resistant yet non-waterproof fabric, we saw it as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to harness the creativity of our community.

Our newsletter subscribers, the heartbeat of our community, rose to the occasion with a flood of ingenious ideas. From practical household solutions to whimsical creations, their suggestions have highlighted this fabric's potential. 

Here are some highlights:

Home Solutions: Shower curtain liners, laundry basket liners, and bags for seasonal storage emerged as popular choices, showcasing the fabric's versatility in enhancing daily living spaces.

Storage Solutions: From moth-proof bags for woolens to under-bed storage bags, our subscribers envisioned ingenious ways to organize and protect belongings.

Travel Solutions: Packing cubes, shoe bags, reusable shopping bags, gym bag liners and camping storage sacks, all show how this lightweight fabric can help you outside of the home. 

Outdoor Innovations: Patio furniture covers, patio curtains, crop covers, and roll-up privacy curtains unveiled the fabric's potential to elevate outdoor living areas.

Creative Ventures: From fidgety blanket backings to ghost costumes, dust covers for sewing machines to drop sheets for painting, the fabric became a catalyst for imaginative projects, breathing life into everyday items and special occasions alike.

Is your idea on the list? If not, make sure you note it in the comments. We love to be inspired by our community!

Each idea sparked inspiration, driving us to explore the possibilities further. One standout suggestion, the packing cube, captured our attention. With a blend of mesh and a zipper, we brought this idea to life, experiencing firsthand its practicality and convenience:


To our incredible community of contributors, we extend our thanks. We continue to be inspired by your creativity. If you're eager to embark on your own creative journey with this fabric, it's just a click away.

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