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Use cone thread in your sewing machine

Use cone thread in your sewing machine

Our cone threads are a great way to get fantastic value when purchasing thread for your projects. If you have a serger or cover stitch our cones can be used right on the spool pins of your machine. But did you know that you can also use cone thread with a regular domestic sewing machine?

The biggest difference between cone thread and your regular smaller spools of thread (other than the size of course), is that cones of thread require the thread to be pulled off the top of the cone for smooth and consistent tensioning in your sewing machine. Your home sewing machine pulls thread off the side of the spool so you will need to use a thread stand to adapt your machine for cone thread.

Thread stands can be purchased relatively cheaply but you will probably be able to create your own from items in your home. We LOVE this video by Notches Sewing which walks you through multiple ways to make your own thread stands: 



Shop for cone thread in April and get buy one, get one free! Discount is applied automatically at checkout. 

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  • Is this thread strong enough for regular seams? Or is it just for sergers or top stitching? Thank you.


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