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Sewing machine sale - how does it work?

Heard about our awesome sewing machine sale? Want more details? Read on...

Our sewing machine sale will be held on Sunday April 10 during our usual shopping event hours of 10am to 1pm.

Doors will open at 10am. Customers are free to browse our whole store and we'll have all our usual fabrics, notions, patterns etc available to purchase. Machines will be set up in a dedicated area. 

All sewing machines will be sold on a first come first served basis. 

Machines will include entry level, vintage and premium models. Prices will start at $45. 

You may choose to book an appointment with our machine specialist to get an in-depth demonstration or to talk about what you want from a machine to help you choose the right model for you. You don’t need an appointment to purchase a machine. 

In-depth machine demonstrations can be booked here.

Any machines which are not sold on April 10 will be added to our website the following week. We will not be offering shipping and all machines must be collected from our store.


  • On Sunday we will have;
    3 Sergers
    6 Regular Machines
    1 Specialty Machine(Embellisher)
    4 Vintage Machine

    We will post previews on our social media stories.

    Prices range from $45 to $3200 for one of our top end premium machines.

    We are located at 270-1275 Venables St in Vancouver.

    OSF Team
  • Can you let me know what machines are available. I’ll be away this weekend and want to prep my daughter to go if you a machine I want. Thank you

    Beatrix Agrios
  • Is it possible to post photos of the machines ahead of the sale?

  • Is it possible to post photos of the machines ahead of the sale?

  • What is your address


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