Recycling totals - September 2023 – Our Social Fabric

Recycling totals - September 2023


Thank you to our customers, donors and volunteers. Working together, we saved an impressive 2,229 pounds of fabric and sewing-related materials from the landfill in September 2023.

Your support is instrumental in our collective effort to combat the negative environmental repercussions of usable fabric ending up in landfills. With your help, we are not only repurposing materials but also championing a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to textile waste.

Furthermore, your support has empowered Our Social Fabric to extend our support to fellow non-profit organizations. One such example is Mamas for Mamas. Your generosity enabled us to make a meaningful financial donation, which is now directly aiding local families in their journey towards recovery and healing after the devastating wildfires in BC.

Together, we are creating a tangible difference, both environmentally and in the lives of those in need. Once again, thank you for your unwavering support. We are profoundly grateful for your generosity and dedication to our cause.

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