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OSF People - Gemma

As a non-profit, Our Social Fabric is run by a passionate team of volunteers who are supported by a few part time employees.

Today we’d like to introduce one of team, Gemma. 

Image: Gemma smiles at the camera and holds a handful of her me-mades from OSF fabrics.

✨(1) What is your role with OSF? ✨ 

I am lucky to be the marketing manager at Our Social Fabric. I do a bit of everything from making content, to working on campaigns and devising strategy, to answering customer questions. If you’ve messaged us on our socials you’ve likely been talking to me!

(2) What is special about working with OSF?

I started as a customer of OSF. As a new sewist I was drawn to the fantastic pricing. As I developed my skills I appreciated the range of materials stocked by OSF and being able to source something unique. Now as a member of the team it feels very special to be contributing to such an important sustainability mission and growing a community of likeminded people.

(3) Do you have a favourite moment at OSF?

I don’t have a single favorite moment. I love it when we have promotions for sought after items and we get to see the reactions from customers. We truly do a happy dance every time we hear a ‘ding’ of a new order coming in! Or see someone in the store wearing a me-made using OSF fabric. That’s pretty special too. 

(4) What’s the last thing you made?

The last thing I made was a duster jacket from a very unique blue silk organza with monkeys on it. This fabric is a bit infamous with the team here at OSF so I’m excited to be able to share it with them soon!

(5) What’s your favourite fabric/material to work with?

I love viscose challis. I have been having a bit of a dress moment recently and I love the drape, swish and all the different patterns you can get it in. But ask me tomorrow and my current favourite fabric is probably the one I last saw in the store! I'm not loyal for very long when we have such a variety of beautiful fabrics coming in all the time!


 Do you have any questions about how OSF works? Ask us below! 

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