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OSF People - Cornelia

As a non-profit, Our Social Fabric is run by a passionate team of volunteers who are supported by a few part time employees. Today we’d like to introduce one of the newest members of the team, Cornelia.

(1) What is your role with OSF?

I am new to the OSF volunteer group having only started in October 2021 and part of the rolling bee group.  Basically we go through all the donated fabrics and roll them and tag them with their fabric type, size and price that you see on the sales floor.

(2) What is special about working with OSF?

Many things:  The positive impact of reselling fabric that normally would go to the landfill, the  lively exchange of the staff and passionate volunteers that love to sew, and of course seeing all the wonderful fabric that is donated.

(3) Do you have a favourite moment at OSF?

As I’m still very new to the organization, every day brings a favourite moment but none of it wouldn’t have without having been accepted as a volunteer.

(4) What’s the last thing you made?

The last thing I made was a True Bias Rio T-shirt with a black and white striped jersey from OSF.  I loved the way it turned out!

(5) What’s your favourite fabric/material to work with?

My favourite fabric to work with is probably linen or any woven fabric but this year I started sewing with knits and that has really opened up so many new sewing possibilities


Do you have any questions about how OSF works? Ask us below! 

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