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Non-profit? What does it mean?

Our Social Fabric is a non-profit fabric store. 

As you might already know - we take fabric that might otherwise end up in landfill, sort it and sell it to the public. 

What you might not know is we’re unique in that we do this with the aim of NOT making any profit*. Nope we don’t want to make money. Our aim is to maximize the volume of fabric and fibre arts supplies that we prevent from ending up in landfill. For this reason our prices are low. In fact up to 75% less than regular retail prices. 

We set our prices at a level that covers our costs. We have a small team of paid employees (and of course a whole host of wonderful volunteers), rent and associated bills and general running costs to cover. We aim to make just enough money to keep our operation running.

Sometimes we do end up with a small surplus. What do we do with that? We reinvest it in Our Social Fabric so we can save more fabric from landfill or we support other non-profits and educational institutions in our community.

Recently this support has included:

  • a financial donation to the Red Cross BC Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal
  • an in-kind donation to Lillooet artisan Nadine Baker for an appeal to recreate sacred items lost by the Nlakapamux Nation in Lytton wildfire
  • a financial donation to Reconciliation Canada to mark National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  • a financial donation to the Canadian Red Cross Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Appeal
  • nurturing future talent and vision in sustainability through the financial sponsorship of the "Wilson School of Design and Our Social Fabric Zero Waste Design Competition" at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

Every single purchase or social media like, share and comment really helps us keep our recycling initiative running. Thank you for your support. 


*we are officially registered as a not for profit society with BC Registries

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