May 2024 was a record-breaking month! – Our Social Fabric

May 2024 was a record-breaking month!

May 2024 was recording-breaking for Our Social Fabric. Last month we diverted an incredible 58,919 pounds of fabric and sewing materials from landfills. That is the most we’ve ever diverted in a month and was more than our total for the whole of 2023!

To help you visualize what a massive achievement this is - 58,919 pounds is approximately equivalent to TWO school buses! 

By reducing fabric waste, we're one step closer to our vision of eliminating usable fabric ending up in Canadian landfills.

A huge THANK YOU to our amazing customers, generous donors, and dedicated team for making this possible. Special shoutout to Sally, our superstar donations coordinator, who lifted and moved a great deal of this weight! 

Together, we're making a difference, one pound at a time. 

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