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Maker Blog: Blackwood Cardigan in OSF's Variegated Knit

We love what our community creates!

Erin, one of our volunteers and long-time customer, brought in her latest creation to show us, and we just love it. 
Using the very popular Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's Closet, Erin says:

"The very giftable Blackwood Cardigan is a fast and furiously happy sew - if you skip the pocket. The pocket takes a bit of time but they do look lovely and so handy for cell phones and masks. I ended up using the suggested cardboard pressing template for the pocket which worked like a dream. I also basting the pocket it in place to get the perfect placement. I've decided to make three more cardigans as Christmas presents because they're such an easy sew - thank you Helen's Closet and Our Social Fabric - I'll have them all done before dinner!!"

The fabric that Erin used was OSF's Light-Medium Weight Sweater Knit FKN-X-9.  We paired it with a light weight turtle neck made from our Waffle Sweater Knit FKN-X-8 and topped it off with a Black Leggings Lycra FKS-K-26:27 pencil skirt - what a fabulous combo! 

Thank you Erin for sharing your "make" 

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