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Knit fabric scrap busting patterns

Looking for a pattern to use up knit fabric scraps? We share some of our top picks. 

Anyone who sews knows what it’s like to have to deal with scraps. We hate fabric waste at Our Social Fabric so when we had a donation of knit prints that included a few pieces that were either damaged, dirty or too small to sell our team took them home, washed them and created these stand-out garments!

Using up scraps in a way that creates an intentional, cohesive and well-loved garment can be tricky. Today on the blog, we share a few of our favourite scrap-buster patterns for knit fabrics.

First up let’s discuss how great a raglan sleeve pattern is for using up knit scraps! The front and back pattern pieces are smaller than with a regular set-in-sleeve tee and colour blocking looks amazing.

Our team used three different raglan sleeve patterns to make their garments, from left to right they were:

Does anyone remember when we got this donation of gorgeous organic cotton and bamboo jersey? We sewed up a few samples and had scraps left over which gave us the perfect excuse to use two other favourite scrap-busting patterns. 

The Stitch Witch Boleyn Top uses a relatively small amount of fabric and if you colour-block the sleeves and bodice you have even more scrap-busting potential.

Kids clothes are a great opportunity to use up little scraps of knits. We like the Ellie and Mac Colour Block Tie Top as a way to use up even very modest knit scraps. 

Do you have a favourite garment pattern to use up knit scraps? We've love to hear in the comments!

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