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How to use twill tape - we share 7 uses for twill tape

In this blog post we share many of the ways you can use twill tape.

How to use twill tape, 7 uses

Such a simple notion but with so many applications, here are just seven of the ways you can use twill tape on your next sewing project!

1. Stabilizing seams

Use twill tape to stabilize seams to prevent them from overstretching and make your garment last longer. To stabilise the shoulder seam, sew a strip of twill tape to the wrong side of the back pattern piece inside the seam allowance. Then sew the front and back pieces together as usual. 

We like this video tutorial by Professor Pincushion:

2. Finishing seams

Finishing a seam or a hem with twill tape can look really neat and give a couture finish to your garment. To use this finish is a simple process to using single fold bias tape. We like this blog post by Doina Alexei:

Add a twill tape hem finish by Doina Alexei

3. Creating hanging loop

Create a hanging loop to make hanging your garments from a hook much easier. Add these to your handmade garments or ready to wear items.

We like this tutorial by Sewaholic. Using twill tape elimantes the work you need to do to create the loop strip. 

Add a twill tape hanging loop

4. Create casings for drawstrings or elastic

To form a casing for drawstrings or elastic, take a strip of twill tape and sew along both long edges leaving a gap between the sewing lines wide enough to fit your elastic or drawstring. You can then insert your elastic or drawstring through that hole and tie or tack the ends. 

We like this blog post by Pixie Faire. Instead of using a piece of self fabric, replace it with a strip of twill tape. There's no need to turn under the long edges of twill tape because it is already finished and won't fray. 

Twill tape casing

5. Use as ties for pants, jackets and aprons

Use twill tape for ties in the waistband of pants and jackets or hoods. Or use it in aprons just as A Happy Stitch shows you in this tutorial with a free apron pattern. 

Twill tape ties on an apron

6. Adding decorative touches

Twill tape doesn't have to be utilitarian. It can be used to add decorative touches to garments too. We love how Heather Sewist used multiple layers of twill tape to add tabs to a pocket on a pair of pants: 

Twill tape decorative touch

7. Create DIY sewing labels

Having your own custom sewing labels does not have to be expensive. Use twill tape and rubber stamps with waterproof inks and you can create any label you want! 

We like this video tutorial by Melly Sews who gives you two different ways to use twill tape to make your own labels:


How do you use twill tape? Tell us in the comments - we'd love to be inspired!

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