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How to sew with rick rack

How to sew with rick rack

It's cute, and slightly retro, but did you know there are many ways you can use rick rack in your projects? 

Professor Pincushion has an awesome video which perfectly sums up the multitude of ways that you can use rick rack on a project:

Rick rack doesn't have to be retro! Check out Erika Bunker's collection of images for inspiration for how rick rack can used in modern ready to wear garments and accessories. 

Rickrack Trim Tutorial Fashion Examples - BERNINA WeAllSew Blog - Erica Bunker


And here you can see how Erika Bunker's mood board inspired her wonderful make:

We love how she has combined two different uses of rick rack in one project - laying it on top of the fabric and using in the seam along the straps and neckline. 

Have these resources given you any ideas of how to use that rick rack that has been waiting patiently in your stash for just the right project? We'd love to hear in the comments!

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  • I love rick rack! ! Two of my rick rack designs here!

    Liza Heider

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