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Hair elastics - your creative ideas!

Ideas for how to use hair elastics

When we received a donation of hundreds of hair elastics we turned to our followers and newsletter subscribers asking them for their ideas of how they could be used in sewing or craft projects.

They didn’t disappoint! 

Below are just ten of the ideas we received: 

  1. Scrunchies - so many suggestions mentioned scrunchies and one person shared the link to this excellent tutorial by Threads Monthly which we think is great! 
  2. An easy sew alternative to making belt loops and button loops. A Colourful Canvas shared her blog post of how to use them for button loops.
  3. Adding fabric scraps or buttons to make cute rings and bracelets. This could be a great little craft project to do with kids!
  4. Interlocking the elastics to make a belt - one suggestion included using the loom band process as explained by the Crafty Blog Stalker in this blog post
  5. Add a covered button to make a cute hair band -  we like this video from HairbowSuppliesEtc. What a great way to use up treasured pieces of fabrics and to accessorise a handmade outfit!
  6. Use on a fidget mat. When grouped together the hair elastics are a good sensory addition to a mat.
  7. Joining the elastics to make a skipping rope.
  8. Use the elastics to keep your rolls of stabiliser and interfacing tamed. You could even take this idea into the kitchen to keep freezer bags and open packets in the pantry under control. 
  9. Create a hanging wall art ‘sculpture’ using a natural branch at top with bands attached in various lengths and clumps of long clusters hanging from it.
  10. Link them together to make a volleyball net! This would use quite a few hair elastics but the idea could easily be adapted for smaller applications - perhaps for seat webbing?

But because next week we are featuring bag making supplies as our special promotion we picked Trish’s suggestion as our winning idea. Trish shared this photo of how you could use hair elastics as bag closures.

Trish wins herself a $10 gift card for our online store!

Do you have any other ideas to add? We’d love to hear them…

And if you’ve been inspired - why not pick up some of those hair elastics for yourself here

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