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Grapevine Angel

It's time to have some fun - let's make some Christmas Grapevine Angels!

Grapevine bows and muslin pieces are available in our online store.
Follow along with me as we create this delightful Christmas Decoration for your tree or wreath. You'll need:
- one Grapevine Bow 
- wooden ball for the head
- creamy white roving or natural yarn for hair 
- gold ribbon, tulle or organza for wings
- a few feathers
- small piece of muslin for body, arms and dress
- little piece of something lacy or sheer for the underskirt (optional)
- glue gun and glue
- little piece of craft wire to attach the angel to the bow (or you can use hot glue)
- a wooden chopstick cut to 5 inches

Before I began, I assembled some supplies to inspire my creation. Not shown are the muslin and the sheer underskirt fabric. 
With a fine tip Sharpie, draw a simple face on the wooden ball. 
Gather the yarn or roving into a 6" long strands.
Fold the strands in half to find the centre and twist slightly. Glue the centre of the yarn or roving to the top of the angel's head. You can pull back into a bun or let her hair flow freely. 
Trim the hair as desired. 
With the hot glue gun, glue the chopstick to the angel's neck and hold for one minute to secure.
To make the angel's body, cut a piece of muslin (approx 5" X 5").
Fold over the top neck edge 1/4" and hand stitch down; pull the thread to gather and tie off.
Wrap the muslin piece around the chopstick and stuff it with filberfill or roving. Hand-stitch the back and bottom openings closed. Wrap a thread around the body to define the waist (optional). 
To create arms, create a narrow muslin tube, stuff with fiberfill or roving and stitch or glue to the back. 
To prepare the Grapevine Bow for the angel, cut 3 pieces of 2" wide gold organza ribbon into 6" long strips. At the end of each piece of ribbon, cut and upside down "V" to create points and to  mimic the points on angel wings.
Place the ribbon strips on top of each other and pinch/gather in the middle. Glue the bundle of ribbon to the centre of the grapevine bow and fluff. 
Add feathers to soften the look.  
To create the angel's dress, cut a piece of muslin approx 6" high X 10" wide. 
Fold over fabric twice to create a narrow hem at the bottom.
To create the gathers at the top, run two lines of stitching 1/4" away from each other, using a long stitch length. Pull the bobbin threads to create the gathers and tie off.
Stitch up the back seam, about halfway up. 
Pull the dress onto the angel and push the gathers up so they are close to her neck at the front and glue in place. Do the same for the back. 
At this point, you can add a sheer or lace underskirt using the same method. Make it longer or shorter depending on your preference and attach the underskirt to the waist.
Add pretty bead at the centre front neck.  
Attach the angel to the grapevine bow with hot glue or wire. 
If your angel will be a tree ornament or added to your wreath, add a piece of wire at the back so you can twist it over a branch or insert it into your wreath. 
Thanks for crafting with me! 

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