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Four young designers given head start with a new sewing machine

Four aspiring young designers have already received a brand-new sewing machine as part of our Sew Fun(d) scholarship program. Here, program manager, MaryAn gives us an update on the program so far:


In 2022 Our Social Fabric created a new scholarship for a younger generation of sewers in the lower mainland.

This scholarship is exclusively for students in grades 8-12 who show a strong passion for the fibre arts. The students don’t necessarily have to be registered in a home economics class. This scholarship gives young designers an opportunity to get their hands on a brand new Janome 2030QDC sewing machine (worth $929) to take the fun home. Our Social Fabric prides itself on our non-profit status and giving back to the community.

The Sew Fun(d) scholarship was launched in December 2022 and received over 50 applicants. We decided that we would announce the winners over the holiday break. Our goal was to give away three machines in December, and then another six in April. However, we were so impressed with all the applications, it was impossible to narrow it down to three! We ended up giving away four brand new Janome machines just in time for Christmas!

The first group of winners were: 


WHO: Advienne Luong. Grade 12

NOMINATED BY: Herself and her Teacher Katherine 

WHERE: Britannia Secondary

WHY: “She is passionate about sewing and textiles fiber arts. During the 2020-21 pandemic, being stuck at home, with limited access to school sewing machine; Advienne completed a passion project and UPCYCLED T-shirts to make a fashionable tote bag. Not only did she make the bag, it was documented and recorded and presented in video. This is just one of many projects Advienne has dedicated to sewing.” Katherine Fung 

“This sewing machine will support and encourage Advienne to pursue her passion for sewing and the love to explore further in textiles arts.” Says Katherine Fung 



WHO: Lexi Lawson Grade 12

NOMINATED BY: Her Textile teacher, Akiko Kato.

WHERE: McMath Secondary School in Richmond

WHY: Lexi is an incredibly creative soul always looking for materials and ideas or making patterns to put together outfits often for Cosplay adventures here in Vancouver or also to just sew some joy into gifts for friends and family throughout the year. It has been enlightening for me to see her teacher point this next generation towards recycling used fashion into new treasures, incredibly inspiring, best for the environment, workers and making the craft more affordable.”  Lesley Lawson



WHO: Rein Ogdang Grade 9


WHERE: Semiahmoo Secondary School White rock.

WHY: “I believe I deserve to be selected to receive a sewing machine because I am a hard-working student and I will commit myself to effectively take advantage of the opportunity that will provide me. Besides this, I constantly try to improve myself doing layouts of my hoodie designs at home. Getting this sewing machine take away the financial burden concerns to my family. My goal as a fashion designer someday is to be able to dress people in a way that makes them feel confident and beautiful. I want to be able to design clothing that is both stylish and practical, and that can be worn by of all shapes and sizes.” Rein Ogdang



WHO: Rona Maynard-Doyon Grade 11

NOMINATED BY: Joanne Lee her Sewing teacher

WHERE: Port Moody Secondary School

WHY: “She has been a role model and mentor to the students in the class. Rona provides insight, design ideas and construction advice that are beyond the skills and knowledge of any advanced fashion/textiles student, including myself on occasion. She acts as my “personal assistant” helping my students when I have been away from work. When students go to Rona for assistance, she is amazingly warm and receptive when teaching and helping others. …. Providing her with this sewing machine would continue to encourage her to pursue this area that she is highly gifted in and perhaps a stepping stone to a career in the textiles / fashion / design industry.” Joanne Lee


Any students in the lower mainland can apply for the Sew Fund Scholarship, and anyone is welcome to submit an application for someone they feel is deserving.

Applications for our Spring giveaway are open now and the deadline is midnight PST on April 7, 2023. Find out more and apply. 



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