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9 uses for bias tape

9 uses for bias tape

Bias tape is a sewing room staple but have you considered all the ways you can apply it to your project? We share 9 uses for bias tape.

1. Bindings and decorative edges

You might have seen bias tape used to finish the edges of quilts, baby bibs and placements. Choose a matching bias to blend in or a contrast for a pop!

We like this tutorial from American Patchwork and Quilting:

 2. Use to replace a facing

Can't stand facings around a neckline or armhole? Simply switch it out for bias binding. 

We like this blog post by Blueprints for Sewing:

How to use bias tape as a facing


3. Seam finishes

Bias tape is a great way to finish a seam and prevent fabric fraying and unravelling. It also creates a neat and couture looking finish on your garment.

We like this video tutorial by Nicole Gulliver:


 4. Add a bias tape zipper

Want to add more of an accent with your zipper? Try a bias tape zipper! We like this video tutorial by Professor Pincushion

5. Button loops

Using premade bias binding can be a speedy way to make button loops. 

We like this blog post by Folkwear Patterns:

Use bias tape to make button loops

6. Drawstrings

We love this method shared by Pattern Emporium on how to make decorative drawstrings with bias tape:

Use bias tape to make drawstrings

7. Decorative touches and applique

Bias tape can be sewn down onto a project and used as an applique. Create simple lines of tape or shape it to create intricate patterns. 

Check out this blog post by Jillily Studio for some inspiration:

Use bias tape for applique 

8. Make easy piping

A pre-made package of bias tape can be a great shortcut when creating your own piping.

This blog post shows you how:

 Use bias tape to make easy piping

 9. Make Casings and Channels

Putting elastic or boning into a project? Or making a channel for a drawstring? Bias tape can help!

This video tutorial by Vintage to New shows you how you can use bias tape to make an elastic casing:

Which of these have you tried? Do you have an use that we missed? Tell us below!



  • Colleen

    Thanks for these helpful tips.
    I can now can put the stash of bias tapes that I have never been clear about how to use Into action.

    Happy New Year

  • Use double fold bias tape on the inside of hats where the brim meets the crown. It’s a cool lightweight way to finish a hat and it’s washable!


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