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OSF People - Jacquelyne

As a non-profit, Our Social Fabric is run by a passionate team of volunteers who are supported by a few part time employees. Today we’d like to introduce one of the our volunteer Board members, Jacquelyne.

(1) What is your role with OSF? 

I have been a volunteer at Our Social Fabric since 2018 and a Board Member since 2019. Recently I have taken on the role of Donations Coordinator so if you contact us about donating fabrics it’s probably me you will speak to first!

(2) What is special about working with OSF? 

The people. It's so much fun working with other sewing enthusiasts. 

(3) Do you have a favourite moment at OSF? 

My favourite moment happens every time I enter space. The display and variety of fabric always inspires me to create.

(4) What’s the last thing you made? 

I've recently taken up quilting. My last sewing project was a patchwork quilt. I’m looking forward to our Celebration of Quilting event which will take place on June 16 to coincide with Quilt Canada 2022 arriving in Vancouver. 

(5) What’s your favourite fabric/material to work with? 

My favourite fabrics are cottons and linens, because I enjoy doing hand embroidery and quilting.


Do you have any questions about how OSF works? Ask us below! 

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