We Have a New Home at Frogbox!

OSF has moved to a new home. We are very pleased to be partnering with Frogbox! Doug Burgoyne of Frogbox is a community-minded, socially responsible entrepreneur. He and his team have kindly arranged to sub-lease some light industrial office space to Our Social Fabric and we moved in on Saturday!

The new space is a really exciting change for OSF and it’s wonderful that we have so much community support to help us do it. Last Saturday we had a big work party at the storage locker to organize all the donations from the last few months, pack up the best of it, and move it to the new space. Many thanks to Patty of Pure Magnolia gowns and Kent from Patch who volunteered their time and effort to our very hasty move, and also to prospective board members Andrew and Katharine who pitched in a considerable amount of energy and showed their commitment! Thanks also to Recycling Alternative for donating a truck to us to move with in the afternoon.

Best of all, we will be able to hold sales inside our new space, which was a challenge with our previous storage locker arrangement. Check back soon to find out when our next sale will be and learn more about the new donations and inventory receiving policies we are developing.