Vote FROGBOX BC’s Best Company

OSF is very pleased to announce that FROGBOX has been nominated for Small Business BC’s Successful You Awards, in the category of Best Business! We’re not surprised, as they are a very successful small business that is active in their community and has really built social and environmental sustainability into their business model.

FROGBOX generously shares their warehouse space with OSF and has proven to be a great ally and supporter of our work. Furthermore, they deliver an environmentally-friendly service with their re-useable moving boxes and they partner with local non-profit agencies like Building Opportunities with Business to provide employment opportunities for inner-city residents. Their environmental commitment was recognized earlier this year when they co-won BC’s Best Green Business Award.

I think they have a good case for being BC’s best business, don’t you? You can cast your vote for FROGBOX here.

Many Thanks!

October was a frenzied and fabulous month for us here at Our Social Fabric, and we have many people in our community to thank for all their hard work and participation!

On October 16th we finally finished moving out of our old storage locker at Maple Leaf Storage. Many thanks to the folks at Maple Leaf for the countless bags of fabric donations they toted up to our locker over these last several months. You have shown us a lot of generosity and really helped OSF stay afloat during difficult times. With the help of super-duper volunteer Emily Hansen, we moved all of our fabric into our new space at FROGBOX. This is what it looked like after the move:

That's one big pile of stuff!

But we still had lots of junk to get rid of! We’ve taken many household donations over the last few months, and unfortunately some donors mixed quality fabric with not-so-quality dirty items and garbage :( Shockingly, we even found some rat traps with poison in a bag of donated fabric! Fortunately for us, Dylan Goggs of Take the Green Challenge came to our rescue. Green Challenge is an inner-city waste removal and recycling company that is operated as a social enterprise. Dylan kindly donated their services for an afternoon and saw that the storage locker got cleaned out once and for all. BIG thank-you to Take the Green Challenge and Dylan Goggs!

After that, we had yet another work party on a Tuesday evening to get the shelves set up and organize our reams of fabric in preparation for the upcoming sale. With a few board members and the help of our fabulous volunteer Lola Bryson, the room was organized in no time.

Lola, Josli & Emily with one big organized pile of stuff!

Finally we were ready to have our fill-a-bag Halloween sale on October 22nd. Natalia Nanton from eco-baby-fashion company TutuMama volunteered with us all day and tirelessly helped with everything that needed doing. And what a great turnout we had! It was one of our best sales ever. Thanks to all of you who came out to support Our Social Fabric. We expect our next sale to be on Saturday, November 26th, so start thinking about all the fabric you’ll need for Christmas and winter holiday craft projects…As usual, stay tuned for more details.

Thanks again to everyone for the generosity and hard work you’ve contributed to OSF to make our transition a success!

We Have a New Home at Frogbox!

OSF has moved to a new home. We are very pleased to be partnering with Frogbox! Doug Burgoyne of Frogbox is a community-minded, socially responsible entrepreneur. He and his team have kindly arranged to sub-lease some light industrial office space to Our Social Fabric and we moved in on Saturday!

The new space is a really exciting change for OSF and it’s wonderful that we have so much community support to help us do it. Last Saturday we had a big work party at the storage locker to organize all the donations from the last few months, pack up the best of it, and move it to the new space. Many thanks to Patty of Pure Magnolia gowns and Kent from Patch who volunteered their time and effort to our very hasty move, and also to prospective board members Andrew and Katharine who pitched in a considerable amount of energy and showed their commitment! Thanks also to Recycling Alternative for donating a truck to us to move with in the afternoon.

Best of all, we will be able to hold sales inside our new space, which was a challenge with our previous storage locker arrangement. Check back soon to find out when our next sale will be and learn more about the new donations and inventory receiving policies we are developing.