Sale Events

Sale Events are closed for now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our ONLINE SHOP for mask-making and other essentials. Curb-side pick-up only. 

Fabric Prices per Meter:
$2 – felt and interfacing
$3 – knits, upholstery, home decor, lycra and spandex
$5 – naturals*, quilting cottons, silks, designer fabrics, wool, cotton knits, and heavy technical
(* “naturals” are fabrics with a high content of natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk and rayon. If specific fiber content is unknown, and fabric appears to have natural qualities, a “burn test” will be done to confirm natural fibers.) 

We are able to process payments with cash or credit card and “Tap” debit or swipe debit (no limit restriction)

Would you like to teach sewing classes at OSF?
We are looking for experienced instructors to teach beginner to intermediate sewing classes and fiber arts classes in our new shop at 270-1275 Venables in Vancouver.
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Expressions of interest can be sent to: