Lycra Activewear, Seafoam (KAC0022:29)

Lycra Activewear, Seafoam (KAC0022:29)

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A wonderfully durable and opaque activewear lycra in a soft seafoam colour.

Fully opaque and with fantastic recovery this would make a fantastic partner for your favourite leggings pattern.

It would be great for:

🏋️Helens Closet Avery Leggings (up to 62” hip)

🏋️Cashmerette Belmont Leggings (up to 62” hip)

🏋️Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings (up to 48” hip)

🏋️Greenystyle Creations Inspire Tights (up to 50” hip)

Fibre Content: synthetic
Width (cm): 150
Crosswise Stretch %: 30
Lengthwise Stretch %: 40
Opacity: opaque
Weight: medium
Drape: medium
Suitable for...

leggings/shorts, bra tops, tops, activewear jackets