The Opposite of Creative Block with Leah Price – Seamwork Radio

Last week, OSF’s Volunteer Coordinator, Leah Price, was a guest on the latest episode of Seamwork Radio. Tune in to hear Leah talk about making meaning and art from cast-off objects. She also talks about why she loves volunteering with OSF.

Seamwork Radio is a podcast produced by the team at Colette, an independent sewing pattern company based in Portland, OR.

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We Need Space!

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s still on our minds… we are looking for a bigger space!

Thanks to you, our donations are increasing and the sales are expanding month to month. We want to accept more donations but we need more room! And we need your help.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • We are looking for an industrial/warehouse type space, minimum 500 square feet, or hopefully bigger.
  • We would love to share a space with a design student or an up and coming designer, who, like us, has a limited budget.
  • We would need ground floor access, ie: loading area for donations (versus those stairs), good lighting, and of course… a space that would be suitable for textile storing (that’s wood frame/drywall type construction—no dampness, cinder block or cement buildings)!

And here’s our ask:

  1. Do you know of an organization that has space they aren’t using? (hey, you never know!)
  2. Do you know someone in the design field, who uses textiles, and wants a space to work?
  3. Do you know of an organization that needs help getting the word out, and would benefit from the foot traffic generated by our sales?
  4. Do you know of a company that would benefit tremendously by being associated with a non-profit?
  5. Have you maybe heard of something but aren’t sure?

If so, please email us at!

Wanted: new board members!

Hey everyone! We’re looking for two volunteer board members with the following experience:

Accounting/Financial – someone who works in financing; i.e. an accountant or bookkeeper
Key contributions: bookkeeping and banking, advice on grant writing, sound financial advice going forward

Nonprofit Board Experience – someone who understands business operations and/or has board experience; i.e. business owner, business manager, community activist/member of other boards (past/present)
Key contributions: business and strategic planning to grow our group; network to business and potential supporting partners in the community

Your commitment would be roughly 4-6 hours a month, which generally includes one monthly board meeting in the evening, and help with fabric sales and donations as necessary.

Please be aware that these are unpaid positions, and that the board is currently a working board who takes on much of the group’s day-to-day operations.

How to apply

If you would like to be on our board, please email us at with your resume and a short note expressing your interest. We’ll get back to you shortly!