May 09 Sale Sneak Peak

Thank you to those who took home free bolts of fabric, knit ribbing and waistband facings last sale. We’re glad to have the space back! If you didn’t get your free bolt, it’s not too late. We still have several left, including some sweet calico-printed cotton knit on creamy white. Perfect for nighties, t-shirts, receiving blankets, or BBQ cozies. Ask one of our volunteers to show you what’s free. I’m sure you can think of some use for it.

May 09 Sale Preview


We have lots of new quilting cottons available, lovingly coordinated by Carol and Denise. Individual prices, roughly $5 per bundle.



Sometimes we receive donations of very good fabric on very broken tubes. What a headache! They won’t stand up, but are too big for the rack, and we just don’t have enough person-hours to spend time re-rolling them. We have nowhere to put them! Help!

$25 per bolt – a bargain!


Here’s a first-time OSF customer with her goods.
Note the free knit ribbing in the background – take it away!


See you at the sale!

April 26 sale preview

We give up! Or should I say, we give away! This sale we are concentrating on moving dead stock. We have many bolts of several types of free fabric to be had (Sorry…no photo), as well as rolls of ribbing in many bright colours, and rolls of waistband facing, all FREE. Take it away! Plus, cheap serger thread, deeply discounted bolts of fabric, bundles of lovely wool knit, and sample books. PLUS there have been two sizable donations since the last sale, so you will be sure to find something useful.

See you on Sunday, April 26 from 10am-1pm at 871 East Hastings St. 

Please note that this sale will be cash only. (We’re replacing our card reader and the new one hasn’t arrived yet). 

Leah’s Good Notion: Love

Every month, OSF’s sorter-in-chief (and board member) Leah Price gives you the inside scoop. It’s Leah’s Good Notion!

You can read more about Leah’s adventures at


When the elastic of 4 pairs of my husband’s underwear finally, simultaneously, bit the dust, I joked he should save them – maybe I could make something out of them! It was a joke. Really. It was.

But, before the end of the day, I had draped the front of this t-shirt, telling myself it was an excuse to play around with the neat, variegated thread I had acquired at OSF. I mean, seriously! Who would want to wear something made out of my husband’s ancient, discarded gonch? Well, I would! Yep. I love him that much. READ MORE …


OSF nominated for Small Business BC award

You love us!  You really love us!


Eternal gratitude to the anonymous OSF fan who nominated us for a Small Business BC award in the category of “Best Concept”! Thank you for loving us!

Being involved with OSF is the most exciting, fulfilling, inspiring experience I’ve ever had. The members of the board; our faithful volunteers; our less frequent, but equally appreciated volunteers; our wonderful donors who are so happy it’s going to someone who can use it: our customers who take the pains to find out when our next sale will be, send us real estate listings, hang out on the sidewalk waiting for the door to open, cheerfully drag out the free boxes, and help spread the word to anyone who creates: we are all a part of this wonderful movement, and together we make it happen. Yay to us!  Let’s get OSF the exposure we deserve by voting for us and winning us this award!

The nominations close November 30.  That’s the day after tomorrow! I hope everyone who reads this clicks right away on and votes for us.

You can see the other nominees on VanCityBuzz, where we all answered the question “What does being a small business in Vancouver mean to you?” in 200 characters or less. You can see where my answer was going …  200 characters!  That’s not a whole lot!