Rustic Coffee Bean Tote Bag

What do you do with a burlap coffee bean sack, a WW2 vintage canvas and drapery loops? Create a tote bag, of course!

I stopped in at Urban Repurpose (UR) in North Vancouver to check out the amazing stock of vintage furniture, records, art work and a million other treasures. What a great place to spend an afternoon…anyway, I came across a stack of burlap coffee bean bags, a piece of duffel bag canvas from World War 2 and some drapery rings. With treasures in hand, I dashed home to create a rustic tote bag.

I loved the look of the stained canvas, the hand-sewn grommets and the industrial stitching – so many stories hidden in those threads and, the burlap was crying out for another chance to be useful.

The unsewn bag measured approx 18″ X 18″ square, the bag is lined with fabric from Our Social Fabric and the handle loops are the re-purposed drapery rings from UR. A few pieces of scrap leather for trim and voila – a rustic and very useful tote! Two coffee bean sacks will make at least 4 tote bags – so I have enough for some Christmas Presents. Our Social Fabric is delighted to collaborate with Urban Repurpose on this upcycling and repurposing project! If you would like to make one of these bags, you can find the coffee bean sacks at Urban Repurpose – Tom will be happy to help you.

Carol, Our Social Fabric