January 15, 2017 Sale

Hello everyone,
Happy New Year from all of us at Our Social Fabric. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and you are ready to get back to some serious sewing!
– we received a large donation of zippers – lots of different colours, sizes and styles. Maybe it’s time to make a hiking jacket or back pack with lots of zippered pockets. Are you heading south for a few weeks, why not make a travel organizer with lots of pockets for jewelry and personal items, or make a beach bag to hold your phone, camera and sun lotion!
– we also received a good amount of athletic wear (AirTech mesh), good for soccer shorts and tops – lots of red, blue and some black.
– lots of knits in a variety of colours and textures, woolly fabrics, upholstery and drapery ends, a bin of naturals and some “nifty” Vintage fabrics and patterns. 
We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday – if you are looking for something special, send an e-mail and let us know what we can put aside for you.

Questions / to learn more:
• e-mail: oursocialfabric@gmail.com
• To volunteer: osfvolunteers@gmail.com
• To donate: osfdonations@gmail.com


Please use our Venables Street entrance: Enter the GREY door marked 1275 Venables located beside the three grey south facing loading bay doors labelled B C D. Walk through the loading bay area towards the freight elevator and russellbuildingup the stairs to the third floor. Follow the signs to OSF. Click on link for Google Map We usually have a volunteer operating the elevator, however, if you know you need elevator service please email us a few days prior to the sale and we will send you a contact telephone number to use during the sale to call for elevator assistance.

Park only in VISITOR spots unless you are loading up your vehicle. There is parking on westbound Venables, west of Clark just past the parking lot entrance. There is also 2 hour parking on Clark in front of the Clark entrance as well on the north side of the building on Adanac. On Sundays, there is ample parking in the Russell building parking lot. Please park legally and avoid unwelcome surprises.