How to get the most from an OSF sale — part 2

Here some more tips on how to get the best deals from an OSF fabric sale. fq action 1 See How to get the most from an OSF sale — part 1  

  1. Shop by colour. Every time I shop at OSF, I look at the bin of green fabric, blue fabric, grey fabric and black fabric, in that order. I sew mostly for myself, and those are the colours I wear! Now I have a great stash of teal silk and black wools (and one day, I’ll get around to sewing myself something …)
  2. Sign up for our email list. And read our emails when you get them. We’ll let you know when we’re marking stuff down.
  3. Ask our volunteers for help. Every OSF sale is staffed with friendly volunteers. Many of them have a good knowledge of our inventory and a great understanding of fabric. We love to talk to people about their projects!