Leah’s Good Notion: What to Expect at our October Sale

Every month, OSF’s sorter-in-chief (and board member) Leah Price gives you the inside scoop. It’s Leah’s Good Notion!

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Judging by the reaction of the treasure-hunters at the last sale, I would say changing out the fabric in the green bins was a mighty big hit. Now why didn’t I think of it before? Actually, I did. But the amount of hefting it entailed made it a daunting prospect. Happily, the three students using OSF as a case study were eager to volunteer in thanks. (Thanks to you, Ralph, Bob and Terry!) The point is: now that the hard work has been done, we’re going to try to keep the treasures in the green boxes fresh. “How?” you may ask.

From now on, the newly rolled bundles will go directly into the green boxes, instead of on top of Overflow Mountain.

Overflow moutain!
Overflow moutain!

Our next sale is this Saturday, October 18, from 10-1.  But wait! Not just a sale! A Sale-Cum-Sorting-Bee! Several wonderful volunteers will be hanging about at the cutting table, rolllling, measssuring and wrapppping. And laughing. SO! All during the sale there will be new fabric going into the green boxes! How exciting is that?


Attention quilters: we now have two boxes of fairly fresh quilting bundles (and a lonely pack of acrylic templates), just waiting for you to take home and spend a whole evening with, rearranging and placing this way and that, and squinting at from various angles. Various prices, by the bundle.

And the obvious: Halloween. Good news for one lucky – and speedy – person: we have one bolt of black fake fur, perfect for a dog or bear costume, or maybe a head-to-toe hair suit? Just $60 for the thick roll. Right at the very back of the store, near the wooden shelves. Go, quick!


Lots of new spools of trim in the wire drawers, too, including some waterproofing tape for rain wear. And we all know a hard rain’s a-gonna fall. Soon, no doubt. If you’re willing to hunt through the bolts along the wall, you’ll find we have a few colours of “Technical Fabric” left, too, for your new rain pants. Various prices, sold by the bolt.