Oct 05 Sale Sneak Peak

This sale is looking superfine.

cream wool flannel

In the last month, we have received a bounty of generous donations. Every time we start sorting, we find wonderful fabrics—wool plaids, jewel-toned silk, and pieces of linen in a rainbow of colors.

If you haven’t been to a sale in a while, this is an excellent time to come back!

 Sept-Oct Sales

  • Sunday, Oct 05
  • Saturday, Oct 18
  • Saturday, Nov 08

10am – 1pm @ 871 East Hastings.

Streamlined pricing

We’re streamlining our pricing to make our sales easier for customers (and get rid of our long lines for the cash!) We are discontinuing the fill-a-bag system. From now on, all pieces of cut fabric will be $2-$5/m. Any unmarked fabric will be $1/piece.

3 thoughts on “Oct 05 Sale Sneak Peak

  1. Finally made it out to a sale after months of stalking and cursing when each sale was on a work day. Wanted to express how wonderful all the volunteers were and how much fun I had searching for all my super amazing treasures!! If I’m lucky enough to have a day off during a sale again, you can bet I’ll be there!!!

    • Excellent! I’m glad you had a good experience and found a lot of treasure. Spread the word——OSF is the place to be!

      • You bet! Already recruited my next shopping partner (dragged along my quilting friend last time) and definitely mentioned my good fortune on my blog. Thanks so much again – cannot wait to get playing with it all :)

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