Leah’s Good Notion #3

Every month, OSF’s sorter-in-chief (and board member) Leah Price shares a curated selection of sewing notions and free stuff that needs to go. It’s Leah’s Good Notion!

You can read more about Leah’s adventures at http://otherboxes.blogspot.ca

OSF and Evelyn Roth


I’m very excited to report that OSF will be providing visual artist, Evelyn Roth, with a bolt of fabric for a project she’s doing at Wreck Beach July 12 and 13.

Back in the mid 80s (can’t remember the exact year) when I was a student teacher at a Vancouver school (can’t remember which one), I got friendly with the art teacher (can’t remember her name). She told me about her friend, Evelyn Roth, who was looking for someone to do some sewing on an inflatable project she was working on, and encouraged me to give her a call. Evelyn Roth was well-known for making audacious items out of discarded video tape, such as crocheted car cozies or awnings. I thought she was an excellent sort of kooky, and was thrilled by the idea.

I had gone tree planting the previous summer (Yes, me! I can hardly believe it myself) and spent all the money I’d made on a lovely, basic little Pfaff sewing machine, which I still use to this day. And a bottle of perfume. Hard to explain on my student loan application, but still the best purchase I’ve every made. I’m referring to the sewing machine; the perfume’s long abandoned.

Anyhow, I kept the scrap of paper with her phone number on it, but never got up the nerve to call her. One of the major regrets in my life. Then two weeks ago I got an email introduction from my dear friend, Sheila (who, incidentally, introduced me to OSF in the first place), who had met Evelyn Roth through their mutual involvement with Kitsilano Neighborhood House and had been telling her about OSF. A perfect match, wouldn’t you say?

This time I was not shy about calling. On the phone she told me about the giant inflatable sculpture of a woman she has made for the event – or in her words, “boobie, boobie, bum, bum” – complete with large zipper opening where you might expect. Yes! Most excellently kooky. The OSF fabric will be used for an interactive part of the experience at the beach involving body henna. I’ll be at our sale on the 13th, but if you go to Wreck Beach, please send me some pictures!

What’s Free This Time?

I’ve been doing a lot of pruning lately, in the garden and at OSF. Thank goodness for neighbours with extra space in their yard waste bins. And the FREE! box outside the store.

  • Opened some boxes under a table to see what might be in there and discovered more of those cursed knit collars and cuffs! 4 boxes full! Into the FREE! box with you!
  • Sorted a tray of pre-cut bra elastic that has been with OSF longer than I have: white, beige or black, some pieces with bra hardware attached. Then came to my senses and chucked it in the FREE! box. Be gone!
  • Despite all the puppet and potholder activity that’s been going on (Thank you for the potholders! I just wish I could remember who you are! Forgive me.), there are still shoulder pads to be had.
  •   This month there is a fresh supply of fabric that is too small for us to sell, but big enough for small projects. Take it away!
Cursed Cuffs and Collars
Bits of Bra Elastic