OSF Fabrics in the Community: Giant Dinosaur Edition

The Vancouver International Children‘s Festival transformed waste textiles into rainbows, a dinosaur, and fun for thousands of children.

Heather Dawn Jones created this life-size, interactive dinosaur sculpture from Our Social Fabric textiles as part of The Vancouver International Children‘s Festival (May 27-June 2nd). Over 4,000 kids helped build the dinosaur by weaving strips of fabric and ribbons over a pre-sculpted skeleton framework.  The dinosaur made a fantastic play space, with kids running through the beast’s interior and getting chomped by the huge teeth and jaws.

Heather used OSF fabrics for children’s workshops, as well as a woven, twisted and knotted fabric rainbow that encompassed the park.

While the fabric dinosaur had to be dismantled at the end of the festival, it’s not gone for good. All the the fabric was carefully undone so it can be used again–perhaps as a dinosaur, or some other fantastic creature!