Leah’s Good Notion #2

Every month, OSF’s sorter-in-chief (and board member) Leah Price shares a curated selection of sewing notions and free stuff that needs to go. It’s Leah’s Good Notion!

You can read more about Leah’s adventures at http://otherboxes.blogspot.ca


Were you one of the helpful many who rid us last sale of excess serger thread, knit cuffs, collars and shoulder pads? Thanks! Did you make anything interesting? Send us a picture!

Here’s how some of the shoulder pads got used:

  • The OSF volunteers indulged me by wearing new name tags made of covered shoulder pads, Sharpie and a safety pin.  The trick is in the correct placement on the body.
  • Someone took a bunch to make into potholders for gifts.
  • A puppet-maker from Calgary took as many as she could fit in her luggage for use inside her puppet heads.
Knit Collars and Cuffs
Knit Collars and Cuffs

Now, how about those knit cuffs and collars? One edge is finished, but the other edge will unravel if you pull it.  My first-ever OSF Board Member task was to check out an offer from a Richmond company that makes personalized swag for businesses. They used to make the clothing, too, but now get that stuff made overseas. They had a whack of left-over cuffs, collars, plastic separating zippers, and several bolts of tan synthetic micro-fiber-ish fabric to dispose of. It took many emails, phone calls and several months to organize the donation. We paid a delivery company to move it, and now it’s clogging up our store.

Part of the Donation
Part of the Donation

You have to help me get rid of it!

We’re offering the following:

  • Knit Cuffs, Collars: free
  • Plastic Separating Zippers: $0.25 each
  • Huge Bolts of Synthetic Microfiber-ish Fabric: $10/bolt.

Here is a picture of the sweater I attempted out of the collars.  I suppose you could call it “Mummy Wear”.  Most uncomfortable under the pits.  Surely you could come up with something better!

Disappointing Sweater of Knit Collars
Disappointing Sweater of Knit Collars

The next thing we are flogging is rolls of waist band facing.  Was $5/roll, now $2/roll.  It’s serious-looking stuff, though it’s going to take a serious lot of pant-making to use up a whole roll.  Or perhaps you have a completely different use for it? (insert wiggly eyebrows here)

“I’m so glad it’s going to someone who can use it.”


Almost everyone who donates to us tells us this.  It’s my favourite part of being involved in OSF: moving along useful, but unwanted, notions to “someone who can use it”.  This involves hours of sorting through the donations and putting together goodie bags of useful – and often unexpected – notions.  You’ll find these curated treasure bags in drawers on the wire racks. At the moment we have: pinking shears, lovely vintage glass buttons, hat foundations (fascinator, anyone?), upholstery trimmings, quilting templates, a whole bag of fabric rose petals, some quilling supplies…  Lots of good notions.


Some items you may have lying around that we constantly need.  Feel free to drop off at any sale your donations of:

  • Zippered plastic bags, such as sheet sets come in.  We use them to hold partially-completed projects and other goodie bags
  • Sticky labels, any size
  • Ziploc bags – used are fine, as long as they’re clean and still transparent