3 Ways to Get the Most Value from an OSF Sale

Here’s a few tips for getting the best value possible from an Our Social Fabric sale. 

1) Buy off the bolts
At $2.00/meter, the bolts might be our best deal. If you need 12 meters of fabric to reupholster a couch, you could buy all the fabric you need for under $25.00!

sale photo by Rod Raglin

2) Know how much you’ll need for various projects 
When you’re choosing fabric from our bins, you can find pieces that range in size from 12″x12″ square to several meters in length. Knowing roughly how much you need for a given project will help you make good decisions. I’ve downloaded a few print-at-home patterns onto my phone so I always have an idea how much I’ll need for clothes in my size. (If you’re not good at guessing length, bring a tape measure!)

Several blogs have posted guides to fabric amounts that you can print out and bring to a sale for quick reference

After the Dress — “How much fabric?”: Dresses (check the sidebar for tops, skirts and more!)
Honey & Fitz — Upholstery guide
Sewing for Dummies — Estimating Fabric Yardage Needs for Common Misses Garments

3) Not enough fabric? Consider colour blocking

It’s not unusual to find one fabric in a couple different colours at an OSF sale. This can make for an excellent colour-blocking opportunity. This is also a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric (and make a totally one-of-a-kind piece). Check out these knit tops made by our board member Leah.

Sewing 2013-02-07 078

Sewing 2013-02-07 055

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of one of our sales? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Get the Most Value from an OSF Sale

  1. Great tips! I’ll try and remember to bring a tape measure next time :) I typically work with similar fabric types so I go with a colour palette and a couple projects in mind and try to stick to fabrics I know I’ll work with. Smaller bits can always be used for things like facings, pocket linings, handbags, and gift wrapping. If I end up grabbing remnants I can’t use for a final garment they’re super handy for doing mock-up fittings/muslins :)

    • I have to confess, I actually buy by colour first, then by fiber! I don’t follow the suggestions I made in this post, but I’m also happy to buy fabric and not use it for years on end.

      • LOL!!! I too have a healthy stash, and am totally OK with it ^__^ I like to think anyone who loves to sew is perfectly happy stashing fabrics we love, because you never know when the perfectly matching project will come along for those little gems :)

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