Thank you, Nicole Bridger

We’d like to thank clothing design company Nicole Bridger for their recent donation to Our Social Fabric. The donated fabric comes from Nicole Bridger’s Vancouver factory, where 90% of their pieces are manufactured. (The rest are produced in Fair Trade factories overseas).

Nicole Bridger uses ethically-sourced materials and dyes, including wool made in a GOTS certified factory in India, organic cotton woven in Portugal and linen grown in Belgium.

You can see the Autumn/Winter 2013 here and read about founder Nicole Bridger’s career in this interview from Business in Vancouver.

8 thoughts on “Thank you, Nicole Bridger

  1. I’m so excited about this!! The collection is lovely – i have a particular soft spot for the neutrals in this palette and can’t wait to see them in person! I adore working with natural fibers so I’m overjoyed to hear about this generous donation – thank you Nicole!!!!… when oh when are you having your next sale? I’ll be there with my beloved OSF paper bags, ready to shop! ^__^

  2. I’m excited too! I love the green in the winter collection …

    Our next sale is this Saturday, though I can’t say for sure if the Nicole Bridger fabric will be in there or not.

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