We’ve found a new space!

Our Social Fabric's new space at 871 Hastings Street
OSF’s new home: 871 Hastings Street!

We’ve finally found a new space!

As of September 1, our new home will officially be at 871 East Hastings. With our own space, we’ll be able to carry more stock, run better sales (scrap boxes on tables!), and much more!

Btw: this means our August 10 sale will still be at 1631 Powell Street, but come September we’re in the new location.

Help: can you donate any furniture?

There’s no question that we’ll need your help to make the new space a success. FIrst up: furniture!

Email us if you can donate any of the following (a star denotes a must-have):

* Cash desk
* Cash register
* Shelving for bolts
* Room partitions
* Chairs
* Cutting table
* Tables
* Paint/mirrors/fabric
Laundry tubs (the kind that are like a tub/sink on 4 tall legs)
Reusable boxes
Cork boards
Locking table/desk/cabinet for admin stuff
A loveseat
Garbage cans
Broom and dustpan
First aid kit
A shelf for notions
A fan
A microwave
Glasses (for water)
A dolly (wheeled cart)
Umbrella can
Wall hooks

And we’ll stay in touch about more ways to help as the move takes shape!

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