Our Social Fabric helps build a magical snake at the Childrens’ Festival

The enormous snake made from Our Social Fabric's textiles at the Vancouver International Childrens' Festival
Inside the snake built with Our Social Fabric’s textiles at the Vancouver International Childrens’ Festival

Heather Jones from Biscuit Tin Studios sent us these photos of an enormous fabric “snake” made with Our Social Fabric textiles for the Vancouver International Children’s Festival! Here’s what she wrote to us:

Thank you so much for your support in this project! The scraps were put to use that you gave as a donation, and most especially helpful was Leah’s willingness to meet me early morning last weekend at your space to let me rummage around so that I could purchase a large quantity of colourful fabrics to complete my workshop supplies (I couldn’t have done it without it). Many people asked me where I got all of my fabric and I pointed them in your direction, you are a great project and I love telling people about the work you do in the community.

Attached are a few images of the snake created at this past weeks Vancouver International Children’s Festival. Artists Heather Jones and Islando Bocock, with workshop support from Maggie Winston and Meta Vaughan, created the skeleton of a large two headed snake (a hydra). Over the course of the week thousands of kids came through the workshop, taking a strip of fabric each and weaving it into the snake. It took only a few days for it to get fully woven and it only got better with each layer of fabric that went on after that. The snake’s body formed a tunnel. It was a magic woven rainbow inside with twisting ribbons hanging down and speckled sunlight coming in through the cracks. Kids would run through the tunnel, from one end to the other and back round again, over and over again, inventing new games each time inside this hidden world. This art installation was built from 100% recycled materials by many hands. It was a beautiful and inspiring project! Thanks so much Our Social Fabric for your support in creating it!